Anti-aging Treatment

Anti-aging Stem Cell Treatment

Anti-aging Stem Cell Treatment: Aging is a rather complicated process in which the cells eventually die after becoming progressively damaged and weakened over time. The introduction of younger stem cells can repopulate our stem cell pools, and support the rejuvenation of our bodies.

Anti-aging Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cells have a special anti-aging effect by repairing and regenerating the different organs which have been damaged by stress and various toxic substances which we come across in our day-to-day lives.

With stem cell anti-aging we can help repopulate the body with younger stem cells.

They also help to improve our immune functions significantly. When an individual is approaching the age of 40, he/she may begin to encounter some physical problems associated with mature age that can be treated with anti-aging stem cell treatments.

The outcome can be much more effective in cases where the revitalization process commences earlier in life.

Key Indicators of Aging

While the indications of aging usually begin at around the age of 40, this may vary depending on lifestyle choices.

For example, smokers are going to experience it much earlier because of their exposure to toxic elements.

Here are some indications of aging:

Poor concentration, loss of memory, tiredness, loss of energy, general fatigue, mood swings, loss of hair, wrinkles, age spots, reduced sex drive, insomnia, general aches and pains, loss of skin texture as well as degenerative diseases.

Mechanisms of Anti-aging Stem Cell Therapy

During a typical stem cell anti-aging treatment, 100 to 500 million p1 umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells are given to the patient by IV infusions and local tissue injections. This young optimized pool of stem cells works in a number of ways:

  • Repopulating of aging stem cells pools
  • Regeneration of degraded tissue
  • Modulation of the immune system
  • Anti-inflammatory mechanisms
  • Cell-to-Cell stimulatory effects

Mechanism’s for Functional Deterioration of Stem Cells in Aging:

Physical improvements such as:

• Less head/neck aches
• Decreased soreness in neck, arms, and legs
• Reduced stiffness in joints
• Far less tiredness or fatigue

Aesthetic improvements such as:

• The skin on the face and hands becomes tighter
• Fewer wrinkles
• Looking younger – general younger appearance
• Change in color of hair from grey to black/normal
• Hair thickens

Improvement of the Overall Quality of Life

Reduction of the effects of the degenerative ailments, fewer wrinkles, reduced fatigue, reduced joint stiffness, mental and emotional improvement as well as improved vitality and libido.

Mental and Emotional improvements

Improvements in Energy Levels