Anti-aging Treatment

Anti-aging for Health, Wellbeing & Skin Rejuvenation

At StemCells21 we provide access to the cutting edge modern approaches in anti-aging treatment. We focus our treatment plans to target stem cell numbers, health and function, along side the specific needs of the individual patient. 

As we age our stem cell numbers reduce and the function our stem cells decline. This is true throughout our lives but with the impact to our health and rate of aging being seen in adult life. 

By harnessing the ever growing knowledge of how and why we age, scientific and medical breakthroughs, and looking at cellular health, anti-aging can become a reality.


Understanding Aging: A New Perspective

Aging is a complex degenerative process that occurs in everyone in time. Everyone’s cells accumulate damage and weaken over the course of their life. While lifestyle factors such as stress, smoking, or poor diet can accelerate the aging process, ultimately this cellular damage is inevitable through the wear-and-tear of normal daily life.

In early age, the body is able to utilize its own stem cell pools to regenerate and rejuvenate this ongoing damage. Targeted versions of these stem cells exist in every organ and tissue in the body, but the body’s largest stem cell pool exists in the bone marrow, which can release cells to support the regeneration of any other organ or tissue in the body.

However, as the body ages, all of the internal sources of these stem cell pools—including the bone marrow—begin to decay. They begin to produce fewer new cells and the body has fewer building blocks to replace damaged old cells. The body’s organs and tissue begin to accumulate old and damaged cells, and progressively lose the ability to self-repair and regenerate their structures and functioning.}

The indications of aging typically begin around 40 years old, and include everything from poor memory and declining mental functioning, to general fatigue and pain, to loss of skin texture, hair color, and libido. These symptoms continue to worsen over time, if untreated. 

In short: aging is a debilitating degenerative disorder that can only be effectively treated by repairing the body’s ability to regenerate itself, through the introduction of new stem cells into the body after it has reduced its ability to produce its own.

Unfortunately, conventional therapies do not address these underlying elements of aging and at best can mask its symptoms in the short-term.

The Fundamental Flaw in Conventional Anti-Aging Therapies

There is no cure for aging, and most conventional therapies simply attempt to treat its symptoms through surface-level procedures—such as cosmetic surgery—or through invasive, dangerous procedures—such as replacing worn-down joints and tissue with artificial devices.

Other conventional therapies provide relief from pain, stiffness, or lost physical capabilities through the administration of chemicals with potentially harmful side-effects, including addiction.

While some conventional therapies do focus on important anti-aging factors such as improving the overall health of the patient’s diet and lifestyle, they do not replenish the building blocks of cellular youth. As such they are limited in their ability to produce true regeneration, and often just delay the onset of aging.

Clearly, a new approach to anti-aging treatment is needed.  

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Our Approach to Anti-Aging Treatment: What You Will Get

At StemCells21, we offer a regenerative approach to anti-aging treatment. Our approach treats aging as the complex, degenerative condition that it is, and assists the body’s own ability to repair damaged and worn-down bones, joints, organs, and tissues

Our approach for anti-aging treatment centers on the targeted administration of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC). Properly administered stem cells can provide multiple anti-aging benefits.

Once administered, the cells will divide to replace old or damaged cells, and contribute to overall health of the patient’s body and its many components.

Properly administered stem cells can provide multiple benefits for aging. They can:

  • Repopulate the patient’s aging stem cell pools.
  • Regenerate any tissues degraded by age.
  • Modulate and regulate the immune system.
  • Reduce inflammation throughout the body.
  • Encourage existing damaged cells to self-repair.
  • Provide both targeted and holistic regeneration.

Our approach has produced partial or significant improvement to all of our patients’ conditions in a relatively short period of time. Depending on the patient’s age and rate of decline, our approach has produced results either almost immediately, or within the first few months following treatment. For even the most challenging cases, we have produced improvement within six months of initial treatment.

Our Approach to Anti-Aging Treatment: How It Works

We have developed a regenerative treatment for aging that centers on repopulating the patient’s body with younger stem cells through the administration of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs).

Stem cells provide special anti-aging effects. When they are properly administered, they can repair and regenerate cellular damage from stress, the consumption of toxic substances, and normal wear-and-tear of daily life.

By increasing the number of circulating stem cells in the patient’s body, our treatments:

  1. Signal to damaged cells and tissues to self-repair. 

  2. Provide the body with the building blocks it requires to produce new, youthful cells and tissues. 

  3. Enhance immune system function, reduce inflammation, and improve other fundamental anti-aging factors.In addition, new studies have shown that supplementing the body with youthful, vibrant, exogenous stem cells can improve the body’s ability to continue to produce its own new regenerative cells. These regenerative cells already exist in the body’s tissues, organs, and bones, and stem cell treatments can ensure the body will continue to produce them in sufficient quantities to maintain its functioning. In this manner, the supplementation of stem cells appears to create a positive feedback loop.

    Over time, these therapeutic mechanisms improve the body’s functioning and impact the patient’s symptoms. Our patients typically experience both a targeted improvement in the specific age-related conditions they suffer, and a holistic improvement in their quality of life that includes more energy, less pain, and a greater sense of day-to-day wellbeing.

    Here’s how it works.

Your Anti-Aging Treatment Package

We create a customized treatment package for each of our patients. However, each of our treatment packages include an individualized combination of the following core components.

Component 1
Stem Cells

High-quality, multipotent stem cells that we will grow and deploy to help your body treat your condition. 

Component 2
Supportive Therapies

Additional therapies we will leverage to focus your stem cells towards your condition’s specific treatment requirements.

Component 3
Take Home Set

Ongoing therapies that you will administer after your initial treatment, to ensure ongoing regeneration.

Core Component 1: Your Stem Cells

We organize our stem cell packages based on the size, complexity, and progression of your aging condition. Less progressed aging conditions require fewer stem cells to treat.

For patients who have begun to experience and express the initial signs of aging, but who have not yet experienced a rapid decline, we typically recommend a minimum package of 100,000,000 stem cells.

For patients who have begun to experience rapid decline, we recommend significantly larger doses of up to 500,000,000 stem cells.

However, any patient can opt for the largest possible package of stem cells. By increasing the volume of stem cells they receive beyond their minimum dosage, they will accelerate their regeneration, and create conditions for quicker rates of repair.

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Core Component 2: Your Supportive Therapies

We select your supportive therapies based on your unique aging condition and needs, including how far you have declined, what symptoms you are expressing, and which of your tissues have been damaged (and to what degree). 

Once designed, your supportive therapies will direct your stem cells to the impacted tissues that need to be regenerated. There, they will trigger selective cell activity such as activating local regeneration, creating a healthier internal environment, and providing your body with additional biological components to deliver a faster and more complete regeneration. 

For anti-aging patients, our recommended supportive therapies typically include, but are not limited to:

  • Multi-Organ, Skin, and Immune System mRNA: To provide targeted biological building blocks for the core tissues impacted by the aging process.
  • IV Ozone & Oxygen Therapy: To increase blood oxygen levels and create healthier cells.
  • Local Tissue & IV Laser Therapy: To create a more favorable microenvironment in the blood, and to stimulate local tissue activity.
  • IV and Oral Nutrition: To fill nutrient gaps and provide the body the nourishment it requires to rejuvenate itself and restore youthful health and appearances.
  • Skin Treatments: To activate the skin’s self-healing and rejuvenating abilities through HIFU, Needle RF, Injectables, Thread Lifts, and other modern approaches.

Core Component 3: Your Take Home Set

We curate an additional set of simple supportive therapies that you will bring home with you after your treatment and self-administer for one to three months. This take home set prolongs and optimizes the therapeutic effect of your stem cell therapy, by providing ongoing signals and biological components to continue regeneration after your initial treatment. 

For anti-aging patients, our recommend take-home set typically includes, but are not limited to:


  • Customized Nutrition & RNA Package: We design a unique nutrition package based on the results of your blood tests and designed to improve your core parameters. 
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Your StemCells21 Treatment Experience

While we tailor each treatment to the unique needs of each patient, we will walk most patients through the following five steps.

Step 1

No-Obligation Consultation

First, we will conduct an in-depth consultation to define the right treatment package options for your condition. We will conduct your consultation either over the phone, over a video call, or in-person, depending on your desires. During your consultation, we will review your medical history, your medical evaluation form, and any other medical documents relevant to your condition. One of our doctors will review these documents with you, and recommend a range of appropriate treatment packages.

Step 2

Selection, Scheduling, and Arrangements

You will select the treatment package that you feel best meets your needs, and best aligns the level of investment you can commit. You will pay your upfront fee, and select the most convenient dates to schedule your treatment. From there, we will help you make arrangements for your travel to Bangkok— we will help you select your hotel or your residence for your stay, and we will arrange transportation to pick you up from the airport, and to take you to and from your lodging and our clinic.

Step 3

Initial Treatment

We will perform your initial treatment. On your first day, we will take vital measurements to benchmark your starting health status. Most initial treatment packages require three to six consecutive days of daily treatments each of which typically last two to three hours per day. This includes administration of both your stem cells, and your supportive therapies. On your last day, we will repeat your vital measurements, and review the progress you have already made.

Step 4

At-Home Treatment & Follow Ups

After you complete your initial treatment, you will return home. We will provide you with your take home set of therapeutic materials which you will administer on your own, and which will increase the effectiveness of your treatment over a defined time period. We will follow up with you at regular intervals—typically one week after you return home, then one month, three months, and six months later—to review your progress on your health outcomes, and plan any follow-up treatments required. 

Step 5

Follow-Up Treatments (Condition Dependent)

Very simple treatments—involving a single area of focus on a simple type of tissue—may only require a single treatment. But most conditions require follow up treatments to continue to drive towards your health outcomes. Most conditions require follow-up treatments every six to twelve months, yet advanced or rapidly evolving conditions may require follow-up treatment ever two to three months. Any follow-up treatments you require will likely follow the same process as your initial treatment.

Our Anti-Aging Patients: Who We Treat

We offer treatment to a wide range of patients who desire anti-aging effects.

Due to the diverse nature of aging, the many different ways it can manifest in a patient, and the many reasons why a patient might seek treatment, it is impossible to encapsulate every patient expression that we treat in a few paragraphs. However, many of our anti-aging patients request treatment for one of the following reasons:

  • Skin Youthfulness and General Aesthetics
  • Osteoarthritis and Other Musculoskeletal Conditions
  • Early Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease
  • Aging Prevention and Management

It is important to elaborate on this last bullet for a moment. We treat anti-aging patients at every stage of their life. The earlier in the patient’s life we can begin treatment—in particular prior to the onset of rapid decline—the more effective their treatment will be.

Your Aging Condition, Our Mission

No two anti-aging patients are the same. While we have developed proven, targeted treatments for a wide range of aging expressions, we do not offer generic solutions to our patients’ unique set of issues, challenges, and opportunities for improvement to their quality of life. For each of our anti-aging patients, we use our proven, targeted therapies as a foundation for care, which we then tailor to fit hand-in-glove with their unique needs.

In addition, we often design customized anti-aging treatments for uncommon expressions of the condition not listed above, or for combinations of aging with other conditions that require a unique approach. We will consider any case—no matter how complex it might appear—and welcome the opportunity to find new ways to use stem cells to improve our patients’ quality of life.

Is StemCells21 the Right Provider for Your Treatment?

If you feel we might be able to offer meaningful improvement to both your condition and your quality of life, then please reach out to schedule a free consultation with one of our in-house clinical experts. We offer consultations with Native English Speakers, as well as Thai, Arabic, and Chinese speakers.

During your consultation, we will:

  • Review your medical history & recent evaluations
  • Explore what your treatment package might look like
  • Share similar patient cases, and the outcomes we delivered
  • Answer any questions you have about us, or stem cell therapy
  • Discuss practical next steps, if you feel we can effectively treat you
To schedule your consultation, please fill out this form.